HOS Signature Soy Candles

80 NIS 100 NIS

If you girls are addicted to candles as we are, and you know how to appreciate those little things in life - our Signature Soy Candles are a must have. made out of 100% natural soy wax, with no 

paraffin or anythings artificial in them so they won't release dangerous Toxin Into the air. much safer for you health, environment, pets and kids. 

NO. 17 -  a strong romantic mixture of roses and bergamot 
NO. 181 - delicate, feminine, floral with a hint of lavender 
NO. 1909 - sweet tones of pears and apples with a fresh vibe

every candle contains 200 grams of soy wax.
This candle is designed to burn for approximately 35 hours.

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